Combat Cheat Sheet


Combat is composed of MELEE ROUNDS, which each take fifteen seconds.  Your combat abilities determine how many ATTACK PER MELEE you get, which includes actions of all kinds.

Here’s how combat works:

  1. Everyone roll initiative, and add your initiative bonus (determined by your Hand to Hand Combat skill, and any other appropriate bonuses)

  2. Take action in order of initiative.  The person with the highest score attacks.  

  3. Roll to attack.  If the roll is BELOW 5, it misses.  If it is 20 then it hits automatically and does double damage.  Otherwise, add you STRIKE bonus. This uses an ATTACK PER MELEE.

  4. The target can decide to PARRY, if the attack is parryable (you have to use common sense here, you can’t parry a laser) or DODGE if it isn’t or you don’t know how to parry.  This also uses an ATTACK PER MELEE. Roll, adding your dodge or parry bonus as appropriate.

  5. Compare the numbers.  Ties go to the defender.  If the defender wins, the attack misses.

  6. ROLL FOR DAMAGE.  The weapon will tell you what to roll.  Strength bonus applies to melee weapon (like swords or clubs) and punching attacks only, but see the notes about Damage.

  7. If it hits, the defender can attempt to ROLL WITH IMPACT (when it’s appropriate, also use common sense).  The defender can roll, adding their ROLL WITH IMPACT bonus. If it beats the attack roll, they take half damage.

  8. Whoever is next in the initiative order takes action.

The melee round continues until ALL ACTIONS are used up.   When it ends, everyone rolls initiative again and you start over.

If you’ve run out of actions, you can still attempt to dodge, but to do so you must borrow an action from the next round!  If you use up all of those actions, you can borrow from the subsequent round, but obviously this means that you’re just dodging forever.  

What about Damage?

If you’re being hit with regular, SDC weapons, your SDC is used up first, then your hit points.  When you run out of hit points, you are incapacitated and dying, but not dead yet.

Some weapons and armor are MEGA DAMAGE weapons and armor, or MDC.  One MDC point inflicts 100 SDC points of damage, however MEGA DAMAGE things cannot be damaged by SDC weapons.

Certain kinds of strength, like Robotic and Augmented Strength or Supernatural Strength inflict mega-damage with hand to hand attacks.

What about fighting in a giant robot?

There’s a special kind of proficiency for this, and you’ll use those bonuses rather than your physical ones.

What about shooting guns?

Basically the same, shooting a gun takes an attack per melee.


Combat Cheat Sheet

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